About Us

Zemach Tissue Culture Laboratory

Zemach Tissue Culture Ltd. is a well established and highly experienced Israeli plant tissue culture company that has been producing tissue cultured date palm plants since 1990. The knowledge and experience achieved allows us to provide the growers with top quality date palm. The company has an advanced tissue culture laboratory and an extensive and modern nursery. The facilities are located in the Jordan Valley, on the shores of the Sea of Galilee.Date palm is considered a slow and complicated crop in tissue culture. Zemach's laboratory owns unique professional knowledge in this specific field, enabling it to provide very reliable and stable production, as proven over the years.

The route of the in vitro date palm production, from the beginning of the process in the laboratory until the delivery of the finished trees from the nursery, is quality controlled throughout.

Structure and Ownership

The company belongs to Zemach Jordan Valley Regional Enterprises Group Ltd. The Group is mainly based on setting up experimental agricultural systems, promotion of organized marketing strategies and the development of technical agricultural services. The limited companies and cooperatives besides Zemach Tissue Culture are: Zemach Experimental Center (agricultural R&D), Zemach Bannans (ripening packing), Zemach Dates (processing and packing), Zemach Avocados, Zemach Citrus and Subtropical Fruit (packing house), Zemach Feed Mill Co-op (production of animal feeds), Zemach Mechanical Equipment (civil and agricultural equipment), Zemach Transport (trucking cooperative), Zemach Vehicle Services (Service station auto repair), Maxoft (software development). The owners of Zemach Group are 27 kibbutzim located in the Jordan Valley.


Zvieli Nursery

Zvieli Nursery was founded in 1977. The nursery began its activities with propagation of subtropical fruit trees and hardening banana tissue-culture plants. Today, the nursery specializes in hardening date palm tissue-culture plants, and the production of ornamental shrubs.

The professional collaboration between Zemach Laboratory and Zvieli Nursery began in the late 1980s. Zemach Laboratory is responsible on the production of the in-vitro plantlets, while Zvieli Nursery is responsible for the hardening and acclimatization stages and further growth until the plants are ready for field planting. Zvieli nursery is also responsible for marketing and customer services.