Advantages of Date Palm Tissue Culture Plants

Known and selected origin
Raw material for introduction into the laboratory comes from a well-known selected origin, thus providing true-to-type plants, uniformity and superior quality.

Since the process in the laboratory is sterile, and since the nursery works under very high phyto-sanitary standards, the plants are delivered completely free of pests and diseases.

The tissue culture plants are very uniform and give excellent uniform plantations.

Plan the planting
Production in the laboratory is planned according to market demand, meaning that the growers can plan ahead their schedules and extent of planting.

Complete survival
Survival rate in the field is 100%, with no losses and no need for re-planting.

Early fruiting
Tissue cultured trees mature rapidly and start to give commercial yields in the 4th year after planting, thus permitting rapid realization of the planting investment.  

High quality crop
Quality classification of the fruit in the packing houses is higher than that of conventional plantations.